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Thursday, September 15, 2005

More from Kauai

I noticed earlier today that one of the pictures that I took of the Na'Pali coast and posted in my last entry, is nearly identical to one of the pictures I posted before I left. Neat!

I must admit, I have never been more tired after a vacation. We hiked, kayaked, rode a Zodiak raft, flew in a helicopter and covered nearly every mile of Kauai. And we still had enough time to lay on the beach for a few hours every day.

Here are a few more pictures of my trip. I will post some stories about my trip in the next few days.

This was the view from our condo on Kauai.

This is the 'Tunnel of Trees' that covers the road between the airport and our condo.

One thing that sticks out about Kauai is all the wild chickens. No one owns them and they are everywhere. In the parking lot at the supermarket, on the side of the road near the airport, and in the jungle when we hiked to a waterfall. I tried to get a few pictures of a rooster, but they are really fiesty and wouldn't hold still!

Every home and building has these guys. Geckos. They are Hawaii's answer to household pests and bugs. They make these kissing noises while hanging upside down in the rafters. Particularly at 2am when you're trying to sleep.

And this guy here is one of the darn birds that awoke with the sun each and every day. They filled the 6am air with song, squaking and all sorts of racket. This particular bird we named the 'Devil Bird'. He has a sweet song, but he chose to sing it on the porch railing right outside our window. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You didn't think we'd go all that way and not see a Polynesian dance show, did you?

More pictures and stories to come. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I want to go back!

Kauai was unbelievable. Looking at the pictures I took makes me ache to go back there. Absolutely the best vacation I've taken in a long long time.

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