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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Times of Change

Is it a good thing or bad thing when your life gets shaken up and turned inside out? Not that anything bad has happened, no tragedies. But so many new and different things enter your life all at once, you hardly recognize it sometimes.

Even if one of the more promising, especially exciting things eventually doesn't work out. Are you sad that it happened? Are you mad that your life got all thrown around? Well, you could be. You were blown so far outside your comfort zone that you have no hope of ever finding your way back. But then again, when you look to where you were, do you really want to go back there?

Was the chase, however fleeting, worth it? Ultimately disappointing? Yes it was.

It was that one thing, that one person, the one who threw your life into such disarray and allowed so many other new things into your life. So many other good things. While that has come to an end, all the other things will continue. They have changed your life forever, and you are grateful.


Blogger tj1972 said...

No matter how confusing or saddening this may be, it's a good thing. One of the most unsettling things to me is the haze of not knowing where I stand. Now you know. Having that understanding will allow you to take a step in another direction. Of course, all the wonderful things that this experience brought into your life, continue to embrace.

9:11 AM

Anonymous JJones said...

Thanks T. I appreciate your words.

12:59 PM


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