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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Impending Vacation

What is it about a planned vacation that distracts you from just about everything else in your life? I thought at first that it's just all the little details that you need to plan. And while that's true, I think it is more than that.

Is it that we dislike our daily routine so much that we value our time away from it so much? Even if it's just a trip up the coast, or to the beach? Those types of trips though, really don't distract as much as the big trips. (duh)

As I'm writing this it seems like a dumb question to be pondering. But I am about 2 weeks away from my vacation in Hawaii. 10 days of oh-my-Lord-I-can't-wait-to-get-there. I reall can't. I wish I were there now!

Which brings me back to my original thought. Why is it that this trip is so damn distracting? It's all planned and paid for. There are no more details to hammer out. All I need to do is pack my suitcase and go to the airport.

I think about it daily. And not just about what I will be doing there. It's more about what it will feel like to be on vacation. There is true escapism there. And I think I enjoy the run up to the vacation as much as the actual vacation. It's the anticipation, that feeling of impending relaxism (is that even a word?)

I think that really is it. Not that we (or I) dislike our daily routine. I like my job, and my life isn't THAT boring. This vacation is something new, something different. And that is really what makes life interesting. All the new and different things that we experience. And that is why impending vacations are so darn distracting.


Blogger TripleJ said...

Nice to see a post.

Makes me want to make impending vacation plans of my own.

6:38 PM


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