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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Dumbasses as far as the eye can see...

How is it possible that no matter where you work, 90% of the people who work there are lazy bums??? Does no one value hard work anymore? There are do-ers and there are followers. The latter will always outnumber the former. But can't the followers put just a little bit of effort into their job?? Instead of relying on the top 10% to do half of their job for them? They wonder why they're constantly overlooked for promotion and recognition.

If we could just get that ratio up to 50% it would be infinitely better. We would get so much more done. Everyone would be happier. And one of the effects would be more pressure on the non-performers to get their act together and start busting their ass. Or at least discovering their ass and realizing that job satisfaction depends greatly on how well you do your job. There is no such thing as VP of Web Surfing at any company I know of. If there were, it'd be the most popular job in the US.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude...rough day at the office when you wrote this?

6:19 PM


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